Business consulting instead of management consulting

Supersieben offers a consulting approach based on business results. We do this in a special way. We call it “business engineering”: The development of scientifically founded solutions for brands, marketing and business models.

Our approach to business consulting: A great jolt for your business results – not just small adjustments. We achieve this with sophisticated tools, inspiring intelligence and sufficient experience.

Among our customers we have large and small companies; regional and international ones; start-ups, medium-sized businesses and concerns; B-to-B customers and B-to-C customers. Our core services focus on the areas brand, marketing and business models:

  • Brand: Insight research, positioning, portfolio review and development, brand coaching, target groups, sales strategies and marketing strategies
  • Marketing: marketing and target group strategies, shopping behaviour, touchpoint optimization, market segmentation, prototypical implementation
  • Business models: Feasibility studies, business scenarios

Our customers have two things in common:

  1. They contact us with questions regarding their business.
  2. They receive solutions producing a great jolt – and not just small adjustments.